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Eyedrops for Eyelid Lifting in Denver. Is it worth it?

As some of the oculoplastic surgeons and plastic surgeons have discussed, there Is a new drop in Denver for eyelid lifting or fixing ptosis called Upneeq. It has the same medication as Afrin (oxymetazolone) and is administered in the eye. Like Afrin for nasal stuffiness, it lasts half the day roughly.

Is anyone a candidate for eyelifting drops? Sure. There are patients who may be scared of surgery or not good candidates. Eyelid lifting for ptosis raises the height of the eyelid and that surgery has a 95 percent success rate even in the best hands. Some patients may be more comfortable with drops they use twice a day forever.

Alternatively, the drops can be prescribed to see if a patient would like the eyelid lift by trying the drops first. After a while, a patient may grow tired of taking the drops and decide to do the surgery.

Some of my patients have asked about the drop but often in the office I use phenylephrine 2.5% to raise the eyelids. This will elevate the eyelids by tightening the muellers muscle. This is the same muscle that Upneeq or oxymetazalone targets.

Some of the downsides of Upneeq will be that it has to be used indefinitely.Also, a side effect may be that after several days of use it may create redness of the eye that is undesirable. These are things to consider.As an oculoplastic surgeon I would encourage my patients to do their research and decide if a lifelong drop is for you. Most patients with drooping eyelids usually see a more permanent solution such as surgery. Something to think about.

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